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10. Articulated Bumblebees

10. Articulated Bumblebees

Bumblebee School Workshop

St Bonaventure’s Primary School in Bristol has built a ‘pop up’ garden in its playground. The intention is for the outdoor classroom to be used for lessons, whilst the teachers and children are surrounded by flowers, fruit and veggies. Children are using the garden to talk about environmental issues such as biodiversity, energy, food, water and waste. This has coincided with the G7 summit, where world leaders met to discuss climate change and key environmental issues.

Goldfinch was asked to hold a craft workshop in the garden for year 1’s and 2’s to help make some connections between these environmental issues whilst getting creative. 

We chose to make Bumblebees as they help pollinate our crops and wildflowers, but are declining drastically.  Using a chart from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help us identify different bumblebee types and inspire the children to make their own colourful bees, we got cutting, sticking and making! 

Visit the Bumblebee conservation trust to learn a little more about these especially important insects.