3. Inspired by nature and the outdoors

3. Inspired by nature and the outdoors

We spend a lot of time outdoors and see the benefit it has on our children, from prompting so many questions, to the excitement of a butterfly, or woodlouse discovery. We’d like to help improve their connection to and knowledge of everything outdoors. From understanding that the table they sit around making is made from the trees they see outside, to building a cardboard home for a pine cone badger that explains their system of underground tunnels.

We do this by structuring our craft sessions around the local flora and fauna. From insects, birds, plants and seeds, there is so much inspiration in nature that we don’t need to look anywhere else. 

Our major focus for now is our local woodland and the wildlife that it supports. Woodlands are such fantastic playgrounds which spark creative ideas that can be the basis for the most exciting art projects. We often end up using our finished art projects as a prompt to explore and learn more. Did you know there are 25 Bumblebee species in the UK?

The bigger picture of course, beyond the creativity and joy is to understand the bigger system and how we’re connected to it, so let’s look after it! Bringing the outdoors indoors is a great way to re-connect children with the natural world.