1. Watercolour techniques with kids

1. Watercolour techniques with kids

Watercolours are a really great art material as they offer beautiful results no matter the age or skill. We love liquid watercolours, a little more finger stains but so worth the vivid colours. The cake watercolours are also great with small kids. They are inexpensive and can easily wash out of clothes. 

Black liquid colour dropped onto watercolour paper makes amazing badger fur! A pipette or dropper adds to the excitement as the colours move and blend across your page. Try different techniques using things you find around the house, our latest favourite is string art.

Watercolour string art

Dip your string into liquid watercolour and drop over a wet surface, the results are fantastic. Leaves and other natural found objects all provide different results. Our painted paper is then often used to make birds, insects and animals.

Watercolour resist

Crayons and oil pastels are another favourite, using a white crayon, draw your pattern and drop liquid watercolour or paint straight onto the wet areas and the white lines become visible.

Another great technique is dropping lemon juice onto the coloured areas, watch the colours bleach from the acidic liquid. Salt is an all time favourite and great for making a surface for colourful planets! Don’t be afraid to use lots of different brushes, rollers, cotton buds and bubble wrap, you’ll be thrilled by the varied results. 

Mix a little liquid watercolour with bubble liquid and blow bubbles onto your page. This may leave you with colourful freckles when the bubble bursts, but adds to the fun!