Hi! I’m Nicole, mother to two young girls, creator of Goldfinch Create and Play. As an Urban Designer and Landscape Architect, I spent the last 6 years designing outdoor play and recreation areas for children of all age groups in and around disadvantaged parts of Cape Town. With a passion for connecting families through play, this seemed like an exciting new venture.

After moving to Bristol I was looking for a new career that would allow me a little more flexibility and time with the kids. I didn’t realize the direction would be so different from where I’d come, but I guess the creative field is broad and if you’ve got it in your make-up it can be applied across a wide range of areas. So for me it was a move from outdoor design to the then kitchen table now craft table to make and make and make! The biggest lessons have come from parenting two little girls, who are involved in creating and testing out all the activities and art classes planned for the cafe. Some of the best ideas come from my 4 year old….lets make a home for our badgers and the next thing the cardboard is out!

Lock-down has aided in this journey as my kids and I have begun developing the curriculum for the Goldfinch art classes, which will be aimed around connecting kids with their grownups and teaching them about nature at the same time. 

For now, I’m growing the little craft shop, but please follow my blog to keep up to date on the new venture and hopefully find some inspiration for art projects to do with your kids. It’s all about experimentation, the process of making is as important, if not more than the end product. We love collage and work mostly with card, cardboard and watercolours, but as you’ll see, we venture into many other materials, including felt and found objects. Ours is also a conscious craft journey, as we learn along the way how to use more eco-friendly supplies and tools. 

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