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Booking Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

In the unlikely event that Goldfinch cancels a class for any reason, class credits will be issued. Class credits can only be used for the class category that your child has been enrolled in and can be used within 6 months of issue.  Refunds, credits or make-up classes for missed classes are not offered. Credits for school holiday programs are only offered if you cancel more than 7 days prior.

Alternative Pick-up Arrangements Policy

Parents/carers must contact Goldfinch Create and Play by phone on …or email [email protected] if they have made alternative pick-up arrangements. Staff require the full name of the adult collecting. Goldfinch staff reserve the right to prohibit a child from leaving the premises if we do not have notification of alternative pick-up arrangements from either parent/carer, or the adult does not match the information they have.  If a child will regularly be collected by another adult, they should be added to the child’s attendee information when registering your child. 

Information Held by Goldfinch Create and Play

Please ensure that information completed in your booking form is relevant and up to date so that we can contact you should we need to. We need a minimum of 2 contact numbers, one for the account holder and one for an alternative emergency contact.

Medication and Medical Details Policy

It is your responsibility, as the customer, to keep Goldfinch Create and Play updated about any medical conditions your child/ren may have and to inform us of any medication they may be on.   Parents/Carers should fill out an administration of medication form, providing us with all relevant information. Goldfinch Create and Play reserves the right to refuse a booking until we are satisfied that we can provide a safe and competent level of care. In line with NHS guidelines, if your child is prescribed an auto-injector you will need to provide two.  These should be given to the Goldfinch Create and Play staff at the start of the day/session and returned to the parent/carer at the end of the day/session.  We can accept no responsibility if the incorrect medication is provided and reserve the right to turn your child away from their planned activity until the correct medication is provided.

Medical Treatment Policy

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you give permission for Goldfinch Create and Play to administer first aid, in the event of an accident, and/or to arrange emergency medical treatment for your child, in the event of a major accident, incident or illness occurring whilst in our care. 

SEND and Additional Needs Policy

Some children may require additional support to access our courses. Whether or not your child has been granted an EHCP, is in the process of a diagnosis, or needs extra support in certain activities, please email us at [email protected], ahead of booking, with the subject line ‘Inclusion’. Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions. 

Allergy and Food Preparation Policy

All our first floor workshops are a food and drink free space during course time. Children may not bring snacks to class, this is to avoid any children with food allergies coming into contact with a food ingredient that they may be allergic too. 

The ground floor cafe does have food with nut products. Please be aware of this should your child be allergic to nuts. 

  • Everyone that enters our studio must practise good hygiene to protect against infection
  • We provide wash hand basins for children and adults to use before and after a class activity. 
  • Food and drink is not allowed to be consumed in the art workshop (1st floor) 
  • First Aid: Standard precautions will be adopted when providing first aid such as sanitising hands before and after providing first aid and wearing gloves. Hand sanitiser & gloves will be available in our studio First Aid kit.


If you are booking yourself or child into any of the courses offered at Goldfinch Create and Play, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

I am the parent, legal guardian/custodian, or an individual vested with the ability to enrol this child AND can agree to the following terms and conditions on behalf of myself and the Child.

I agree that I will not hold Goldfinch Create and Play or any Goldfinch Create and Play employee liable for any personal injury, property damage or loss of insurance AND agree to release and hold harmless Goldfinch Create and Play and their employees from all liability incurred as a result of Myself, the Child, or Person Associated’s participation in any Goldfinch Create and Play event and that these terms serve as a release for myself, volunteers, property owners and members of my family.

Art studio and Art Club Takeaway activities, including but not limited to paints, glues, pastels, chalk pastels, pencils, wood, plaster, tools, fibre (wool/fabric/papers), wax, plastic bags, dyes, clay, plaster, drawing and sculpting in nature, hiking, and playing outdoor games. Goldfinch Create and Play takes precautions to reduce the risk and provide safe, healthy, and enjoyable experiences.  I warrant that the Child is able to follow directions for all activities in any Goldfinch Create and Play event and is able and willing to participate – any behavioural or learning difficulties must be conveyed to us prior to a class, and we reserve the right to refuse participation if behaviour is or becomes unsafe or unworkable.  I acknowledge that risks from participation in Goldfinch Create and Play activities exist and that I have allowed the Child to participate knowing these risks and their possible consequences including personal injury or death.