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About Goldfinch Create and Play

Imagine a space where you and your family have the freedom to connect, create, learn, and grow.

Where nourished by nature, your imaginations can roam free.

We are an art café for children and adults in the heart of Westbury-on-Trym. Like you, we’re hankering after tech-free time for our children to be inspired by nature and get creative.

We don’t prescribe what to do or make. We offer the tools and materials to spark your imagination, in an environment built to nurture your wellbeing and creativity.

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Goldfinch Create and Play is a little snippet of the ‘what if’.
Of the future you want to see.

How Goldfinch Create and Play took flight

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What if we took play seriously?

What if we considered imagination vital to our health?

What if we followed nature’s lead?

Rob Hopkins

What if there was a space in your community that was designed for you and your family to have the freedom to imagine, create and connect, without the confines of the traditional café or classroom?

Hi there, I’m Nicole, mother of two young girls, former Urban Designer and Landscape Architect, and creator of Goldfinch Create and Play.

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The Goldfinch journey began with a desire for change —to do something meaningful for others while having the flexibility to nurture my young family. My interest in people and my experience designing play spaces for disadvantaged children in Cape Town were the foundation for an idea for the future: a purpose-built creative space where imaginations are free to flourish.

Not long after we arrived in the UK, I watched a Goldfinch flutter into our garden. That little bird, a symbol of well-being, joy, and the natural environment fuelled my imagination and became the face of the next chapter.

Throw in time to think and plan the Goldfinch curriculum with my own children during lockdown, run nature-inspired art classes from my home, and commission our Passivhaus building, and Goldfinch Create and Play has taken flight.

Goldfinch is growing with every new course leader who joins us.

A comfortable space designed for people and the planet

Light, open space, fresh air, and comfort. Who knew a building could encompass all of those? Inspired by nature and by our commitment to the environment, we built the Goldfinch café to one of the world’s most stringent energy performance standards, Passivhaus.

Passivhaus standards ensure our café is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and comfortable. So you and your children can have the ideal space to get cosy and creative.

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“The teachers are passionate and engaging.”

Jo, Parent to 5 & 7 year old boys

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Goldfinch is all about fun, freedom, and creativity, and that’s what you’ll feel when you come to the café. But every activity we plan, every material we source and every ingredient we buy has roots in some values that we know are important to you, too.

Freedom to be creative

Modern life can be busy and feel full of rules and expectations. We’re here to provide materials and inspiration, but you and your children are free to create at your own pace, in your own way.

For everyone

Art is a social activity. It is educational, playful, and collaborative. Anyone can do it! We embrace diversity and welcome everyone from babies to adults, from all walks of life.


Well-being is at the heart of what we do. Think of Goldfinch Create and Play as a screen-free space where you can make friends, enjoy healthy snacks, escape the anxieties of modern life, and nourish your creative spirit.

The environment

“When the right conditions are present, imagination flourishes.”
Rob Hopkins

Our mission is to give you and your family a space to use your imaginations, connect, and make art inspired by nature, while doing what we can to help take care of the planet. Our building is built to Passivhaus standards, art materials are sustainably sourced where possible (we love a trip to the Scrapstore) and we strive to buy our drinks and snacks from local suppliers.