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Pinkmans Café at Goldfinch

We are excited to announce our brand new partnership with Pinkmans. An established independent, Pinkmans, is one of Bristol's most loved bakeries, serving the city since 2015. Famed for their legendary sourdoughnuts, fresh focaccia sandwiches and hand crafted Viennoiseries. They pride themselves on small batch baking, with excellent brunch, lunch options, alongside delicious Yallah Roastery coffee and a warm welcome.

Open Monday to Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sundays 8:30am - 5:00pm

Goldfinch Bird

A comfortable space designed for people and the planet

Light, open space, fresh air, and comfort. Who knew a building could encompass all of those?

Inspired by nature and by our commitment to the environment, we built the Goldfinch to one of the world’s most stringent energy performance standards, Passivhaus.

We strive to be responsible in everything we do. Thankfully we know this is important to you, with conscious consumers on the rise. Our commitment involves all areas of business from where you create, what we serve, to minimising waste. 


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Peanut Chia Bowl 4.8
Layered gluten free oat & chia, peanut butter, coconut yoghurt, topped with berries & cacao nibs

Sourdough Toast 4
Choose from jam, marmite or peanut butter

Homemade Granola
3 x toppings 5.5/ 5 x toppings 6.5
Yoghurt with tahini granola, choose from the toppings below (blueberries, raspberries, banana chips, raisins, dried mango)


Serrano Ham Focaccia 7.5
Serrano ham, pesto, rocket

Tuna Focaccia 7.5
Tuna, olives, capers, spring onions, mayo, leaves

Vegan Focaccia 7.5
Baba ganoush, roasted veg, sun dried tomatoes, sweet chilli sauce (vg)

Cream Cheese Focaccia 7.5
Caramelised red onion, cream creese, flaked almond & shaved broccoli (v)

Coronation Chicken 7.5
Brioche bun, chicken, curried mayo, dried apricots, crispy onions, iceberg

BBQ Pulled Pork 7.5
Brioche bun, low & slow cooked pork, homemade BBQ sauce, slaw

Sausage Roll 5.5
Packed with Buxton Butchers seasoned pork Add a spoon of salad 2.5


Sourdoughnuts 4.5
Raspberry & White Chocolate / Chocolate Brownie Mousse / Honeycomb

Carrot cake 4
Chocolate brownie 4
Bakewell 4
Chocolate & peanut butter cake (vg) 4
Banana, walnut & coffee cake (vg) 4
Flapjack (vg)(gf) 4
Lemon drizzle & blueberry loaf (vg) 4
Cookies 3.5


Shakshuka 10
Two poached eggs in a middle eastern spiced tomato sauce with feta & sourdough toast (v)(vgo)

Avocado on Sourdough Toast 8.5
Dukkha spiced nuts, roasted cherry tomatoes (vg)

Eggs on Sourdough Toast 6.5
2 Poached cacklebean eggs on our own sourdough toast (v)

Mixed Veg Frittata 8 Served with salad (v)

Vegan Middle Eastern Dip 7.5
Homemade hummus, muhammara, chilli peach jam, homemade pickle & sourdough bread (vg)

Salad plate 8.5
With homemade hummus, sourdough toast (vg)

Sweet & Sour Pickles Toastie 7.5
Pinkmans sourdough, Cheddar & Emmental (v)

Ham & Cheese Toastie 8.5
Pinkmans sourdough, roasted ham, Cheddar & Emmental


Kids Yoghurt 2.5
Dairy or coconut yoghurt with fruit of your choice

Eggy Banana Muffins 4.5
With cinnamon, yoghurt & raspberries

Kids Toast 2.25
Peanut butter, marmite, jam

Kids lunch box 4.75
Cheese sandwich/toastie or carrots and hummus + snack scoop + babycino/Cawston juice

Cheese Sandwich 2.5
Choose between plain or toasted

Kids Dippers 2.5
Carrots/cucumber and hummus Apple/pear and peanut butter Cucumber/carrot and cream cheese

(vg) vegan (gf) gluten free (vgo) vegan option.

(v) vegetarian
Please inform our team about allergies or intolerances


Pinkmans Café opening Times:

Monday to Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm
Sundays 8: 30am – 5:00pm

Already seated in the cafe? Why not use our online order platform to place your order.

Westbury on Trym is the latest addition to Pinkmans locations across Bristol. Pinkmans has earned accolades including a place on the Sunday Times’ top 25 Bakeries in the UK and has featured in ‘Andi Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts’ on the BBC