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Preschool and Baby create and explore at Goldfinch April 2024

May 14, 2024

Sweet Spring

Our Preschool Art Blog is written by Georgina Mountjoy (mom, Goldfinch Preschool Art teacher and contributor to Bristol Community Magazine and Juno). She teachers the Goldfinch Preschool classes,  alongside Kate, Lou and Nicole.

Week One: Rainbows

What a colourful start to the week…with rainbows appearing inside and outside the Goldfinch walls! Rainbow collages were made using a variety of colourful materials including ribbons, sequins, recycled wallpaper and mosaic paper tiles. The children also experimented with colour mixing using vivid paint sticks and rainbow markers as well as multi-coloured ice…our rainbow balls and multi-coloured frogs also made an appearance! In our other tuff tray, rainbow paints were squirted into clear jelly using pipettes, making a stunning marbling effect. We talked about how rainbows are made and sang about rainbow colours.

Week Two: Earth Day Celebrations

It was Earth Day this week, so world collages were created with tissue paper and paint pressed onto plates in reusable bags. We also made solar system pictures with the Earth taking centre stage. We talked about recycling and reusing materials, with the children making their own creations at our junk modelling station…our huge box was transformed into a house complete with windows, doors, flower garden and telescopes! In our messy tray, children could dig for minibeasts, mould ‘mud’ castles and enjoy learning about how important such minibeasts are to the habitat in which they live. Butterfly gardens were created in our garden corner and each group planted their own seeds to look after during the term. We talked about ways to help look after our beautiful Earth and sang songs about Earth Day!

Week Three: Bird Migration

This week, we explored which animals migrate and, in particular, thought about birds that make their way back to the UK in the springtime. The children made their own birds, carefully threading their feathers onto the bodies and embellishing them with neon tape, cardboard beaks and stick legs! Stampers and paint sticks were used to make large scale art, with ink birds and butterflies floating above the flowers, trees and rivers. Birds’ nests were created with spaghetti and straw in one tuff tray. In the other, the children loved getting messy with the bird care station, complete with water bath, worms, oats, spaghetti and shaving-foam eggs – our mini birds were fed, cleaned and given ample food and water!

Week Four: May Day Celebrations

This week, our May Day celebrations marked the forthcoming arrival of the warmer days of summer. Musical instruments were made with recycled tubes, coloured tape and rice and these mini shakers were used during our singing and movement time at the end of the classes. May Day baskets were decorated, embellished with colourful ribbons and filled with homemade flowers. Flower crowns were created with butterflies, stars, flowers and colourful leaves and worn with great pride! Sweet-smelling roses took the centre stage of our messy tray, with perfumes and soups being concocted with coloured water. Happy May Day!

Baby Sensory Play

Kate Boyes has been running our Baby Sensory Explore classes. Each session is designed to offer babies a chance to explore using all of their senses, from touching sticky chia seeds, to splashing in paint and crawling through tunnels. These activities are designed to  encourage the development of language and motor skills. Kate likes to end the session with musical instruments and singing. Due to many requests Kate and Georgie will be running our brand new Music and Move from June on Wednesdays at 2pm and Thursdays at 9 30 am

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