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Preschool and Baby create and explore at Goldfinch Feb/March 2024

March 14, 2024

Spring has arrived!

Our Preschool Art Blog is written by Georgina Mountjoy (mom, Goldfinch Preschool Art teacher and contributor to Bristol Community Magazine and Juno). She teachers the Goldfinch Preschool classes,  alongside Kate, Lou and Nicole.

Week One: Natures patterns

This week, we started thinking about spring and all the signs of new life that start to appear in this magical season. We focused on nature’s patterns, with an observation table of sea shells, snail shells, coral, hexagonal honeycombs, ferns, ammonites, shark teeth, spring flowers and fossils. There was also a challenge to name the pattern! Children were able to create their own patterns using printing blocks and stencils, and decorate their own spinning spiral collage. We also had nature objects to uncover in our sand-filled tuff tray. Spring nature hearts were formed out of clay using heart cutters, with a variety of spring flowers pressed onto them to make beautiful seasonal hanging collages – and other formations made an appearance too, including clay animals and plant pots!

Week Two: Gardening fun

Week two was all about spring gardens – the children decorated their own biodegradable plant pots then potted sunflower seeds in them. These will be planted out in the garden once they start to grow with some help from sunshine and water! They also decorated stones – creating various minibeasts, animals and repeating patterns – to fill their gardens with colour and design. Vegetables were washed, sprayed and scrubbed clean in one tuff tray and ‘minibeasts’ were hidden, dug up, scooped out and hidden again in soil in our other tuff tray. We sang songs about springtime and explored stories about gigantic vegetables, slugs and mud!

Week Three: Spring Flowers

The room was filled with the sweet scent of spring flowers this week. There was flower potion making in one tuff tray – complete with a pestle and mortar for creating flowers pastes and scissors for cutting stems – and flower petals in our violet-coloured gloop tray for flower
‘muffin-making’. Children were able to experiment with a variety of utensils to paint stems and flowers, and spring flower stencils were used with paint sticks to create multi-coloured daffodils, snow drops, tulips and pansies. Mini flowers were constructed on coloured lolly pop
sticks, embellished with stickers, vinyl leaves and flower paper. We finished the sessions with a story about a naughty goat who enjoys eating spring flowers!

Week Four: Frogs

This week, we talked about frogs spawning in the spring and explored the natural life cycle of frogs. We had ‘frogspawn’ in one tuff tray and our very own pond in the other tuff tray, complete with frogs, dragon flies, ducks, lily pads, ice, colour-changing lizards – and the odd
shark! Children could make their very own bouncy frog on a lily pad and mould frogs and other mini beasts out of sparkly green playdough. We also had frog stencils and sponges to create frog collages on our walls. We sang about speckled frogs and read about a very wide-mouthed frog!

Baby Sensory Play

Kate Boyes has been running our Baby Sensory Explore classes. Each session is designed to offer babies a chance to explore using all of their senses, from touching sticky chia seeds, to splashing in paint and crawling through tunnels. These activities are designed to  encourage the development of language and motor skills. Kate likes to end the session with musical instruments and singing.

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