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Preschool and Baby create and explore at Goldfinch January 2024

January 24, 2024

Winter lanterns, scented potions and digging for gold.

Our Preschool Art Blog is written by Georgina Mountjoy (mom, Goldfinch Preschool Art teacher and contributor to Bristol Community Magazine and Juno). She teachers the Goldfinch Preschool classes,  alongside Kate, Lou and Nicole.

Week One: Snow

Week one of January was all about wrapping up warm in the winter time and exploring the most magical of seasons – winter.  We had snow play and icicle-making (searching for different beads and threading them) in one tuff tray and glittery slime in our other (and of course, our resident slugs made an appearance in the slime!). A large snowy scene was created on our wall, with lots of friendly snowmen and snowballs painted on. Winter hats were constructed using the wax resist painting technique, with the children using watercolours and cotton wool to make their hats bright and cosy. Multiple snowflake patters were cut out and displayed on our walls to bring the weather inside and we sang about snow (and rain, which made more of an appearance this week) at the end of our sessions!

Week Two: Winter Trees and Foliage

This week was all about the beauty of winter trees and foliage…made even more delightful by the appearance of snow outside! We used an array of evergreen foliage to make stunning winter wreaths and created snow-covered trees using cotton buds with white paint and washi tape to great effect. Winter perfume-making was on the agenda, using a range of utensils to pour, mix, measure, cut, squeeze and sieve the water and the winter blossoms and herbs. Who knew that winter foliage could be so fragrant! Clay trees and clay flower pots were constructed in our other tuff tray and tree/leaf stencils were experimented with on our easels. At the end of the sessions, we sang about winter trees and the children helped to create the different seasons of a tree with a sprinkle of music and magic as we read the wonderfully interactive ‘Tap the Magic Tree’ story book.

Week Three: Winter lights

The room was aglow with homemade winter lanterns this week! The children decorated recycled glass jars with pressed flowers and colourful tissue paper and filled their winter
lanterns with ‘snow’ and child-friendly tea lights, which all gave the room a cosy glow. Winter sky collages and winter animal puppets were created on our other creation station. These were taken into our star-lit tent to make shadow puppets with torches. There was great excitement over how large the spider puppets appeared on the tent wall! Glittery cloud gloop was mixed with stars and planet moulds in one of our tuff trays and power paints/water in our other one for colour exploration and plenty of mixing, splashing and sieving. We talked about lights in the sky, sang songs about winter lights, and shared the story, ‘Space Tortoise’, in which lanterns look like stars (just like the ones the children made!).

Week Four: Goldfinches

In week 4, the focus was all about the glory of goldfinches! The children made their own charm of goldfinches using sticky vinyl to replicate the beautiful red, yellow, blue and gold of this little bird and tiny pegs to create the legs. Panning and hammering for gold was a favourite activity in one tuff tray, with the children weighing it once they’d found it. Making spaghetti nests (complete with bird’s eggs) using plenty of cutting and twisting was our popular second messy activity. Glittery playdough birds were created and bird stencils were used to make a largescale, colourful bird display. The group became birds as we read the story, ‘A busy day for birds’ using fun props and some great actions! Each family was given a bird tick sheet to take home at the end of each session to participate in the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch weekend – I wonder how many goldfinches they spotted!

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