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Preschool Art Clubs at Goldfinch Nov/Dec 2023

November 27, 2023

Ice, marbled playdough and much more to explore!

Our Preschool Art Blog is written by Georgina Mountjoy (mom, Goldfinch Preschool Art teacher and contributor to Bristol Community Magazine and Juno). She teachers the Goldfinch Preschool classes,  alongside Kate, Lou and Nicole.

Week One: Bats
We explored the behaviour and habitats of bats, the children made their own bat collages, complete with shiny moons and silver branches! Seasonal pumpkins and gourds were painted a kaleidoscope of colours and bat ‘food’ (insects, beetles, caterpillars) was extracted from jelly using pincers and spoons and placed into transparent pots. The playdough table was full of activity with seasonal stampers, and the chalks came out again with the easels. We sang lots of songs about bats and read Wow! It’s Night-Time, spotting the bats and other nocturnal animals as they appeared in the book.

Week Two: Hibernation
Week two was BUSY and MESSY! We explored what hibernation is and which UK animals hibernate. The children made cosy nests for dormice from straw, leaves and cardboard and our tuff tray become a home for many clay bat caves. Spaghetti nests were constructed in our other tuff tray and the children practised their cutting skills (many became hairdressers and chefs for the morning!) and using pincers to select strands of spaghetti. Our cardboard and wooden mice were safely tucked into their warm homes. Seasonal gourds were cleaned, painted and rolled, creating some bright artwork with a range of patterns, and firework shapes were recreated using pipe cleaners and sticks on shiny, black card. Two wonderful books, Winter Sleep and So Cosy, were shared with the groups and the catchy hibernation song has been stuck in our heads all week!

Week Three:  Murmuration
Murmurations are huge groups of birds that swoop, swirl, turn and twist together across the sky in perfect unison above their roosting site during autumn and winter. Children made huge collaborative starling murmurations of many colours on our magnetic wall and stamper table, and created their own mini murmuration collages to take home. Bird soup was mixed and served in one of our tuff trays and mini clay birds and nests were moulded in the other. During story time, the children became different birds (with colourful scarves as wings) as we read A Busy Day for Birds and sang our very own murmuration song!

Week Four:  Colours of the night sky
Stars, planets and the moon took over Goldfinch headquarters this week as we explored the wondrous colours of the night sky. Children were able to scoop out stars from our glittery, indigo gloop and use them to concoct all sorts of intergalactic recipes! Creating colourful planets using paint in salad spinners became a firm favourite activity, as did colour mixing with ice blocks and pipettes at our tuff tray to create sunsets and auroras galore. Sparkly, marbled playdough was used to make objects of the night-sky – with clouds and rainbows also making a sneaky appearance! Beautiful light catcher collages and star sticker displays were also designed and proudly taken home. We enjoyed lots of books about stars and planets at the end of each session and sang songs about zooming into space and a special little star called Twinkle!

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