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Preschool Art Clubs at Goldfinch September 2023

September 30, 2023

Here's what the kids got up to at Preschool Art at Goldfinch this September.

Our Preschool Art Blog is written by Georgina Mountjoy (mom, Goldfinch Preschool Art teacher and contributor to Bristol Community Magazine and Juno). She teachers the Goldfinch Preschool classes,  alongside Kate, Lou and Nicole.

Week one

We want to share all of the amazing activities with you that our wee toddlers are dabbling with this term –  they are too good not to shout about! All of our activities have natural objects and a celebration of the beauty of nature at the heart of them. The children (and adults) have been inspired to create, play, collaborate, explore and experiment!

Our first sessions focused on UK Shores – something that many of the children could personally relate to after the summer holidays. Our Create and Play and Stay and Create groups enjoyed shell painting (colour mixing galore), turtle making (scissor-skill development in action), sensory water play (our very own crab enjoyed his glitter-water soaking with pipettes) and discovering the wondrous treasures of the sea in our very own tuff tray rock pool with hands and tools to promote pincer grasps – do you know what a mermaid’s purse is?! The adults and children alike also experimented with mark making on easels, coral-imprinted playdough, and creating large magnet compositions on our huge magnetic wall. At the end of the sessions, we shared a seaside-related story and enjoyed eclectic conversations about ice-cream, birthdays and crabbing!

Week two

We continued with our theme of UK shores, with a particular focus on those wibbly, wobbly, wonderous jellyfish! The children created their own jellyfishes with trailing tentacles, or made their own unique collages using the variety of resources on offer. They enjoyed sensory play in the tuff tray (shaving cream + paint + glitter + shells = fun!), and kept our resident crab and lobster cool and clean with water spray bottles, sponges and brushes. Playdough and an assortment of seaside treasures and stampers made an appearance again, with magnifying glasses and shell-identification sheets to start learning the names of different shells. Our little creators also used pan water colours to explore the beautiful hues of the seaside. At the end of each session, we discussed ways to help look after our wonderful seas and sea creatures after reading the book ‘The Odd Fish’, with child-led discussions about recycling, reusing and litter picking.

Week three

Fish came into their own in week three, with fish decorating (many multi-eyed fish appeared!), creating fish moulds with our coloured sand, and magnet fishing games that required some stamina and lots of hand-eye coordination! Children could create their own sea glass collages on air-drying clay, adding a bit of natural bling using other seaside goodies if they wanted to. Magnifying glasses and pincers were used to observe the fine details of the coral, shells, seaweed and coloured sea glass. Lobster and crab had to be rescued from seaweed and mermaid’s purses in our tuff tray, and were given a good clean again afterwards, with bubbles and scented foam galore! Paints were on offer so the little people (or big people) could create their own seascape or unique painting. At the end of the sessions, we read the stories of ‘Tiddler’ and ‘Rainbow fish’ and the adventures these little fishes got up to in the sea. The children enjoyed sharing their creations to the group.

Week four

This week, we went all-out autumnal, with leaves, conkers, pine cones and animals associated with autumn, making their appearance at Goldfinch headquarters. Each of the art facilitators brought in a range of beautiful foliage – leaves of all colours and stages of growth, poppy heads, aromatic rosemary and lunaria ‘honesty’ plants. These were used in a variety of ways, including to make leaf rubbings  (hand baked crayons by Goldfinch) with wax circles, to paint and to sparkle with glitter! Then we had our autumn tree creation station, with sticky tape, spot stickers, spot paints and leaf cut outs. Lots of the children requested pink paper, so blossom trees were made as well as autumnal tree collages which sparked lots of chatter about the seasons. Clay snails were moulded and embellished with conker shells (and some conkers were even hidden under wooden pots and used in a magic trick!). Chocolate-scented play dough was utilised to explore leaves, pine cones and leaf stampers. Large-scale autumn paintings were created (usually collaboratively) on our magnet wall, with children enjoying mixing the autumn coloured paint palettes…and engaging in some impromptu hand painting! The Leaf Thief and Leaf Man were our books of the week and we enjoyed singing a range of autumn-inspired songs and talking about our autumn animals. A good while was also spent observing our stowaway spider and snail with magnifying glasses (they snuck in on our leaves and conkers!).

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